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08-21 2018

Investigation of the united front work department

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County united front work department to our investigation and research
      For further implement the party's third plenary session of the 19th, the 19th session of 2, spirit, show adequately in 40 years of reform and opening-up province good style and features of private entrepreneurs, promote entrepreneurship, give play to the role of entrepreneur, arouse the enthusiasm for entrepreneurial innovation, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, in our province "three goals" construction, boost the transformation of innovation development, by the provincial party committee united front work department, provincial human resources and social security hall, the province economic and information commission, provincial industrial and commercial administration bureau and province chamber of commerce and industry in Shanxi Province of the fourth excellent building of the socialist cause with Chinese characteristics

    Wang yuan, President of our company, participated in the selection activity.In order to accurately and accurately understand the identity, resume and deeds of comrade wang yuan, adhering to the principles of open, fair and just selection, the county party committee and the united front work department work on July 24, 2018

   Personnel to our company for comrade wang yuan a comprehensive investigation. County united front work department staff from the management, production, technology, sales and other levels randomly selected 18 people for detailed inquiries, from work, life, management and other aspects of a detailed investigation.

   As the helmsman of shanxi huaxiang group, comrade wang yuan has been working conscientiously and treating people with sincerity. I believe that under the leadership of comrade wang yuan, all the staff will be more confident, continue to explore and innovate, promote industrial upgrading, uphold the premier's expectations, and create a world of huaxiang. Wish comrade wang yuan success in the selection!


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