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09-19 2018

Lu jianming, deputy director of the provincial party committee organization department and director

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     On September 19, lu jianming, deputy director of the provincial party committee and organization department, secretary of the party leadership group and director of the provincial human resources and social security department, visited our company with 5 people for investigation and survey. Wang yuan, President of the group, led the team to warmly welcome them.

     Lu jianming and his delegation went deep into the workshop to conduct in-depth and detailed research on production and operation, operation and development, talent introduction and training, talent structure, labor demand, recruitment channels and skills training. Lu jianming visited the production workshop and the staff skills training classroom and listened to President wang yuan's work report on the induction of college students and staff training.

    Lu pointed out that shanxi huaxiang group has combined the spirit of traditional "craftsman" with modern management, especially in strengthening the training of enterprise employees. It is hoped that the enterprise will continue to strengthen the skill training of its employees, strengthen the connection with colleges and universities, realize industry-university-research cooperation, constantly cultivate basic talents, build a reserve "craftsman" team, and enhance its technological advantages and market competitiveness. (hr guo jinjin)


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