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11-16 2018

Leaders from 11-16 provincial federation of trade unions came to our company for investigation

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     On November 16, associate professor zhang jian of shanxi federation of trade unions cadre school and others came to our company to investigate the work situation of trade unions at the grass-roots level. Chen qi, head of human resources department of the group, accompanied the investigation.

     In the meeting room of the group, associate professor zhang jian and others watched our company's promotion of video. Chen qi, minister of human resources department, talked about the company's production and operation status in recent years and its achievements. Construction of harmonious labor relations in enterprises and income of employees; Enterprise democratic political construction and the legal rights and interests of employees and the future direction and goal of the enterprise to report. At the meeting, shanxi provincial labor union leaders and linfen city labor union chairman and other people listened to the enterprise labor union chairman zhang hong and staff representatives on the enterprise culture, salary system, labor union work, employment system and other aspects of the experience and evaluation. Agree meeting warm atmosphere, the staff said the company attaches importance to the role of technical personnel in more than 20 years, give a person with a technology understand of bold innovation, pay attention to the cultivation of talents, create a good learning and working atmosphere, really do "in their careers to the platform, in the life to guarantee", in the aspect of internal management and the enterprise harmonious atmosphere under full time, able to offer reasonable and warm humanistic care to employees. Subsequently, accompanied by minister Chen, a group of people to the factory to do inspection and research work.

      Professor zhang in talents cultivation, on the company branding, system construction, enterprise culture construction and trade union work achievements fully affirmed, require good continue to play the role of trade unions, ensure the principal position of trade union members and democratic rights, maintenance worker legal rights and interests, promote the democratic supervision, democratic management, promote the sustained and healthy development of enterprises, become party of administrative assistant, the driving force of enterprise development and care staff's helper.


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