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12-12 2018

Municipal sanjin culture research association will come to our company to carry out corporate cultur

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      On the morning of December 12, 2018, liu hexin, President of linfen sanjin culture research association and his delegation came to our company to carry out the enterprise culture research and book giveaway activity. Under the guidance of wang chunxiang, chairman of the board of directors of our company, we visited various production workshops of the group to learn about the processing and production process of our products as well as our Wolf culture and family culture, etc. Ma yiguang, vice President of the group, introduced the production process of our workshop to you. The leaders fully affirmed our company's project construction, and learned about our company's enterprise culture construction and the quality of the staff in detail during the visit.

      A book presentation ceremony was then held in the group's conference room. Given the bibliography has SanJin culture research association of linfen liu he like my culture carding and research on the yao culture and traditional culture, such as book "disciple gauge" and linfen SanJin culture research published in recent years, various transactions and linfen history culture research series, a total of more than one hundred copies, covering aspects of history, politics, economy, etc. Liu hexin said in his speech that linfen has profound historical and cultural heritage and great potential for historical research. We can not put the research results in the book research, to be transformed into cultural heritage. This book is to guide enterprise employees to know and learn history, to have cultural pride and self-confidence, to understand the significance of yao culture from legend to history, so that yao tianshun became the pride of linfen people. Wang chunxiang, chairman of the board of directors, said it is necessary to carry forward traditional culture, so that employees can learn about the history of linfen and inherit excellent traditional culture in reading activities. It will play a positive role in improving the cultural literacy of our employees, cultivating healthy, civilized and high-spirited employee culture, carrying forward the spirit of craftsman, and forging high-quality craftsman talents for a new era.

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