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12-19 2018

Vice governor qu xiaoli and his party came to our company for investigation

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    On December 19, vice governor qu xiaoli came to our company to investigate the development of the enterprise and the existing difficulties. Liu yuqiang, deputy secretary of the municipal committee of the CPC and mayor of hongtong county participated in the survey, as well as the general office of the provincial government, the provincial human resources and social security department, the general office of the municipal government and the relevant person in charge of hongtong county.

   Qu xiaoli and his party went deep into the production workshop of our company to check the production situation on the spot, and held a symposium to hear the President of our company wang yuan make a special introduction on the enterprise development plan, and have a detailed understanding of the production and operation situation of the enterprise as well as the difficulties and problems encountered in the transformation and upgrading.

    Qu xiaoli gave full affirmation to the municipal party committee and municipal government of linfen for supporting the development of private economy, and praised shanxi huaxiang group for its high degree of internationalization, its "double innovation" leading the province and its promising development prospect. We should encourage enterprises to unswervingly follow the road of green development, vigorously stimulate the internal driving force, extend the industrial chain, optimize the product structure, further enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, and make new contributions to economic and social development.

   QuXiaoLi stressed that the private economy is an important part of market economy, the steady growth, promote entrepreneurship, increase employment and improve people's livelihood, etc, play an important role in the various departments at various levels shall practically to unify thoughts and actions to the job requirement, provincial party committee and government, the unified thought, mix, unswervingly encourage, support and guide the healthy development of private economy. We should change our ideas, change our service methods, listen to the voice of enterprises, and fully implement various organizational policies. We should promote policies into enterprises through multiple channels and in various forms, cherish enterprises like our own "heart and soul", listen to their voices, understand their needs, and do everything possible to solve the problems of capital and talent in the development of enterprises, so that private enterprises can have a real sense of policy acquisition, and promote enterprises to achieve new and better development.

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