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03-03 2019

Chairman wang chunxiang and his delegation went to fenghuang mountain, xinzhou, shanxi for investiga

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Our company chairman Wang Chunxiang, board secretary and chief financial officer, general manager of zhang min, huaxiang hengtai Yin Jie with wide linfen, chairman of the board of directors of the company Deng Chunchen, hongtong county big pagoda tree tourism co., LTD., vice general manager of adenocarcinoma, former deputy director of the office of the tianjin municipal government cooperation and communication, zhang, henan chamber of commerce in tianjin song at, executive vice President of Sun Wenli, director of the office of Jiang Chuanjing et al., on March 1, on February 28 solstice in xinzhou, shanxi phoenix mountain investigation research.

Shanxi traffic development investment group chairman, party secretary of yanchangxue, deputy general manager is according to the people, chief engineer of et, secretary of the party committee, chairman, general manager of shanxi phoenix mountain company ZongQingWen, hai jiang, deputy party secretary, deputy general manager, deputy general manager Guo Ruwei, jin-man wang led warm reception the delegation a row and accompanied by inspection.


Shanxi phoenix mountain is located in XinFu border area, dingxiang county, yuanping cuttlefish &fried spring development zone, the scenic area covers an area of 968 hectares, to climb the mountain scenic area water embrace, the ups and downs, mountain scenic spot, slope, gully, beach, wetland, water margin, rivers, such as landscape diversity, distribution of natural, regional internal and external beauty, raising simple, rich products, is China's first double entry tourism scenic area, the primary area of ten thousand mu of ecological botanical gardens and one thousand god soup hot spring of lohas park, hot springs health, ecological tourism, leisure vacation, the perfect hotel, meals, shopping, meeting services in one. Xinding basin is a natural ecological health, is the national agricultural tourism named national demonstration site, Shanxi Province circular economy pilot park, Shanxi Province first batch of provincial leisure tourism resort, China's best rural tourism destination.


Delegation from a line of traffic development in Shanxi Province investment group led by the chairman yanchangxue, ZongQingWen accompanied on phoenix mountain, visit the observation deck, wooden villas of phoenix mountain, wutong hill, Edinburgh wedding photography base, phoenix expand training base, Hu Tuo family, amorous feelings of the loess valley, technology greenhouse sightseeing garden, god soup hot springs health lohas park attractions, such as and the chairman of yanchangxue, ZongQingWen in detail on the basis of the development of its tourism industry, the phoenix mountain area facilities, attractions set, road safety, environmental protection, the scenic spot introduction service and management of the situation.


A delegation of shanxi phoenix mountain scenic area in jinping general secretary "green water castle peak is the jinshan yinshan" speech spirit, the reasonable development in the protection of the phoenix mountain ecological tourism industry highly the development of the concept, set reasonable distribution of attractions hardware construction norms in place, orderly operation and management science, the scenic spot of upside potential and development space is huge, the development, win-win cooperation has laid a solid foundation for cooperation.

At the symposium, yan changxue, zong qingwen, guo ruwei, li xiaoguang and other leaders made a brief introduction on the superior topography, transportation advantages and development prospects of shanxi fenghuang mountain, and by watching the propaganda video of shanxi fenghuang mountain theme scenic spot, the delegation had a comprehensive understanding of the geographical location advantages of shanxi fenghuang mountain and the current economic development situation.


Delegation to the leadership of shanxi trading group and phoenix mountain company after an introduction to the situation of phoenix mountain, the two sides had in-depth exchanges, first visit from a fieldworker Wang Chunxiang chairman and a tourist's point of view to talk about his own understanding and feelings, think phoenix mountain has begun to take shape and has huge potential, is a piece of land, and from the transformation, the talented person, and how to put the scenic spot and stronger, how the tourism and culture, tourism and history, combined with modern tourism, how to emancipate the mind, and put forward the constructive suggestion to how to attract investment.

Song at its head is the value of shanxi phoenix mountain scenic area development in the communication, to henan Cha Ya mountain tourist scenic spot for more than 10 years of development and construction experience, from the resource advantage, regional traffic advantages, infrastructure and public service facilities advantage, policy advantage, brand advantage, development value and how to planning and how to build a good team, how to choose the like-minded partners, how to develop the starting point of the hard and soft construction, marketing, phoenix mountain positioning etc. Carried on the thorough exchange in the future.


Zhang is the phoenix mountain scenic area development and construction in the communication, from what is standard, how to decide how to thinking as plan, how to build the fist products, how to combine agriculture sightseeing and agricultural income and agricultural tourism, how to improve the hot springs and catering services, talked about how to highlight the focus on link, etc.


Deng chunchen, chairman of linfen guangqi company, and zhang bo, deputy general manager of hongtong dahuaishu tourism co., ltd. respectively put forward their own constructive Suggestions on the development and construction of shanxi fenghuangshan scenic spot during the communication.

Through this visit, we are very optimistic about the various advantages of shanxi fenghuang mountain, the scenic area rising potential and huge space to expand, looking forward to further strengthen the joint development, in the specific issues to exchange information, and strive for an early conclusion of shanxi fenghuang mountain development and construction cooperation intention, common development, and achieve a win-win situation.


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