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03-13 2019

Shanxi jiaokong group delegation visited our company for investigation and investigation

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On March 3rd, yan changxue, party secretary and chairman of shanxi communications investment group under shanxi communication & control group, wei pengju, party secretary and chairman of shanxi communications & technology group, visited huaxiang with heads of investment, finance, technology and other departments. Wang chunxiang, chairman of the group, met the delegation, and wang yuan, President of the group, accompanied the delegation to visit our company's product exhibition center and manufacturing platform workshop, and focused on the inspection of the model workshop of the intelligent factory project developed and assembled by our company jinghang intelligent automation company. During the visit, the two sides held discussions and exchanges on the topics of enterprise management, market positioning and product sales, enterprise transformation and intelligent manufacturing.


Shanxi traffic control is the main body of investment and financing of major traffic projects in Shanxi Province, and it is a large traffic enterprise group integrating investment and financing, survey and design, engineering construction and other expressway operations. Shanxi huaxiang group is a leading domestic equipment manufacturing enterprise and a key private enterprise in the province. In order to strengthen the friendly cooperation between the two sides, it is proposed to further expand the fields of cooperation and deepen the in-depth strategic cooperation on other advantageous projects through the high-level discussions and consensus reached between the two sides. The visit of the research group of shanxi communications and control group officially launched the multi-field and multi-level exchanges and visits between the two sides, laying a good foundation for the future cooperation between the two sides.

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