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03-13 2019

Hou junyi, vice President of shanxi branch of bank of China, and his delegation paid a visit

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On March 12, deputy governor of the bank of China, shanxi Hou Junyi line 11 people visiting our communication, group President Wang Yuan, group finance director and the board secretary zhang min, finance minister, Cheryl Liao Zhou, group funds, associate director of the center warm in reception, such as the two sides will further strengthen cooperation and promoting common development has carried on the discussion.

    At the production site, President wang yuan explained our company's HBS management system and the use and development of various lean tools in detail to all the guests, and then described the progress made by hua xiang in automation, informatization and intelligence in the intelligent workshop.

   After the site visit, a panel discussion was held in the meeting room 307 of the group. After general manager zhang introduced the general situation and development advantages of the company, the two sides had in-depth communication. In the end, President hou expressed full confidence in the development prospect of huaxiang and hoped that both sides can further deepen cooperation. The shanxi branch of bank of China will continue to support huaxiang group and jointly seek new cooperation opportunities while promoting existing cooperation projects, so as to achieve a win-win situation for both Banks and enterprises.


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