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03-13 2019

Zhao jiguang, group leader of the "reform and innovation, striving for success" discussion group of

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On March 12, zhao jiguang, leader of the provincial party committee's "reform and innovation, strive to make progress" discussion and supervision group, conducted a research on our company. Accompanied by zheng budian, party secretary of hongtong county, Yang jianjun, county chief, zhao shuangbao, deputy secretary of the party committee, gao tao, director of the organization department of the party committee, wang xin, director of the party committee office, wang yuan, President of huaxiang group, ma yiguang, vice President, and zhang jie, director of the operation center.


Group President wang yuan first introduced the company's daily operation and hua xiang group in automation, information, intelligence, innovation and other aspects of progress. And personally reported our division in the "reform and innovation, strive to make something of" the deployment of the great discussion activities and the completion of reform matters, the liberation of the great discussion activities and other aspects of work.


Group leader zhao jiguang affirmed our company's great discussion on "reform and innovation, striving for success". It also points out that private enterprises should carefully organize and lead the discussion activities of "reform and innovation, strive for success", implement the key requirements of "ten key links", and combine with the actual high quality work of the discussion. We need to further emancipate our minds and improve our work in light of the "six breakthroughs", "six efforts" and "six perseverations", so as to ensure that "six new breakthroughs" will be achieved.

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