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  • Company mission

    1、Revitalizing national industry    casting worldwide Huaxiang
    2、Customer first  Reputation wins   Superior quality   Good service
    3、Develop company  Contribute to country  Serve society  Benefit employees

  • Company vision

    1、To become the leader of China's equipment manufacturing industry
    2、To become the ten billion’s Huaxiang, Centennial Huaxiang, worldwide Huaxiang
    3、To become the most respected equipment manufacturing company
    4、To become a leading brand and banner representative enterprise in China's equipment manufacturing industry
    5、To establish a New Benchmark for China's Component casting industry
    6、To become a world-class company in equipment manufacturing industry

  • Value concept

    1、Never satisfied, striving for excellence  Self-perfecting  Continuous development
    2、Customer-oriented  Commitment to excellence   Strive for the first
    3、Profession dedicated, high quality products, relentless pursuit of excellence customer experience

  • Enterprise spirit

    Solidarity   Hard-working   Circumspection   Pragmatic
    Advocated factory love   Dedication    Pioneering   Enterprising
    Dedication   Diligence    Hard-working   Innovation
    Dedication   Striving    Pioneering  Innovation

  • Enterprise strategy

    1、Forge head  make innovation and relentlessly create extraordinary value for customers
    2、Constantly innovating,pursuing high-quality manufacturing process、continuously improving corporate competitiveness and maintaining sustainable
    3、High quality service,High technology innovation,High rapid development

  • Service concept

    1、Never say‘NO’ to markets and customers
    2、Customer first

  • Quality concept

    1、Take the customer satisfaction as the objective and regard the quality as the enterprise life
    2、Quality is enterprise’s life

  • Talent concept

    1、Take the employees’ health as the foundation and regard the employees as the enterprise’s treasures
    2、Advocating knowledge,    People oriented
    3、Inspire people with system  attract people with careers  unit people with opportunities and retain people with motivation
    4、Channels for recruiting talented, working with top talented

  • Management concept

    Tech-casting  Green-casting   Humanity-casting  People-oriented   Character shaping first  Products casting second

  • Enterprise Marketing Strategy

    Storm the commanding heights and take in all the hills

  • Corporate brand positioning

    Touching customer, to be excellent Huaxiang

  • Staff regulations

    Law-abiding  Honesty and self-discipline
    Conscientious and meticulous  Fulfill their duties
    Solidarity and collaboration  Help each other mutual understanding
    Pragmatic and enterprising Continuous improvement
    Focus on details  Keep improving
    Elegant appearance  Civilized behavior

  • Management policy

    Take the customer satisfaction as the objective, regards the quality as the enterprise’s life
    Take laws and regulations as the criterion, abide by laws and operate legally
    Take the employee's health as the foundation, regards the employee as the precious wealth
    To protect the environment as the first duty, social responsibility is as heavy as mountain Tai
    Make never satisfied to be a driving force, make continuous improvement day and day

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